Jan. 4th, 2012

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I had intended to do New Year posts in various places when the new year was still less than a full day old, but oh well. And this is my "I'm possibly abandoning LJ, although I'll keep checking it coz my flist writes awesome fics" post too. With the bonus feature of "My boss is back from holidays so tonight I'm officially done house sitting" to make everything shinier.

Although I'll be happier still when I get to do an "I've got a new job" post, because oh wow am I over this. Not just this job (although it's certainly done it's bit) but admin in general. It was always a default, easiest-entry level option, and then it was what I had experience in. And now I don't care, I want something else. Which will hopefully be a cleaning job at the hospital (I know someone who works there) but it's not guaranteed yet and I don't know /when/ it would be. Boss isn't putting an ad in for a replacement until next week though, so I have at least that long plus however long to train them up (because the systems are sort of horrible and the wrong sort of intuitive, and half of training the replacement will be me trying to either explain the current system or get some ideas about what to replace it with and change over to that if possible).

So yes, that's things. More or less.

No goals or resolutions as such this year, yet, but we'll see. I'll probably go with something nice and vague like "try to do things differently". (Which is not to say that would be easy. I really like my routines and habits.)

Anyway, this year has to be different. It's the Year of the Apocalypse!


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