Feb. 3rd, 2012

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So my official last day at work is today. Next Monday I'm going to visit my Dad in Gladstone, coming back the following Monday. Then that Wednesday I'm back at work until the 27th or so because the boss is taking the week or so off, and I offered to come back to help the new girl, because I know that running that business solo is Not Fun, particularly with her being new to the whole thing. So unofficially my last day is the 27th and I'm having a holiday in the meantime. (not sure if I have holiday pay still to use, but if I do I should get that to cover next week or near enough.)
Which is good, because I don't actually have a job to move onto yet. (and so far I seem to be the only one not concerned by this. anyway, if it comes to it Dad has said I'm welcome to move up there, and from what he understands of it businesses are always looking for employees there because wages aren't enough to cover the increasing rent prices, but I'd be rent free so it wouldn't affect me. And y'know, I think my dad is the only person in the world I could actually consider living with.)

In other news, my washing machine is maybe dead or dying, so I'm ignoring it and looking into hand washing. Tomorrow I shall see if my new wash basin works out.


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