Feb. 13th, 2012

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Until about 8am, today was okay. I visited Dad last week, came home today, expected it to be a pretty routine return-to-life day.

8am - discovered text message from QR. The train is cancelled, they're sending us by coach instead. Leaving 15 mins later than the train was scheduled for.
Decided to get there at the planned time just in case the text was wrong. No dice. For the record, I hate coaches. Buses to get around the city, even for half hour trips? No problem. Coaches at all, and particularly for long durations? Hell no. Dad very patiently listened to my ranting. (Fair enough, I listened when he ranted about idiot clients.)

8.45am - coach finally arrives. Much standing around waiting. And ranting.

9am - coach departs
Next two and a half hours are spent crawling through roadworks and drowning out the movie being played with my mp3 player. Followed by however long of trundling along slower than the train would have been and not listening to the mp3 player because my ears hurt.
I mostly alternated between staring at the sky and staring at the trees, while trying to ignore the back, neck and head aches.

12.30 - stopped for a "comfort" break. 20 mins to stretch legs and grab snacks. I decided to spare myself the heatsick for the sake of stretches that wouldn't help, and stayed on the coach.

Followed by more scenery watching and music listening. And pain. And irritation.

3pm - 10 mins after the train would have arrived at Brisbane, we stopped for lunch just south of Gympie. QR paid for the meal, which is good because I couldn't stomach it. I don't mind wasting other people's money like that, but I would've tried to force it down if I'd spent my own money. (didn't even get much. a piece of fish, small serve of chips and a drink. threw out half the chips, still have the drink)

Had groceries due to be delivered some time between 4.30pm and 7.30pm. Spent a lot of time trying to guess whether or not I'd beat the delivery.

6.20pm - arrived at Roma St safe and sound, with a migraine and the urge to bite someone. Mum was on time at least, which would have been more useful if my luggage had been on the same coach as me. That one was about 20mins behind. Not too bad, all things considered.
Got a call about the groceries while we were waiting, asked them to leave the stuff with my neighbour. Luckily he was home and okay with that. Finally something going more or less okay.

Got home about 7.15pm, got rid of my mother about 7.45pm. Had ice cream for dinner because dammit I deserve it.

Since getting home I've discovered various wet patches, in and around the kitchen. I thought at first that I'd spilled something before I left and didn't realise, or that the water near the fridge was from the fridge or a leak in the wall. Further investigation has revealed water damage to a number of boxes in the kitchen. My conclusion is that while I was away the heavy rain flooded the kitchen.

So tomorrow I get to spend the day doing all of the cleaning I needed to do anyway, plus going through every single thing in the kitchen and dealing with the water damage. It's mostly just junk, but I don't want to have mould issues.

Got home too late to find out whether my washing machine is actually dead, so I hand washed today's clothes. Still have two more outfits I didn't wash at Dad's, and I want to wash things daily. No idea how I'll deal with sheets and towels though since the tub I'm using is quite small. Might just fill the bath, but there's still the size element to deal with.

And to cap it all off, while trying to move my suitcase a short distance for convenience, I tore a toenail. I'm too tired and pissed off for it to really hurt, but there was more blood than I'd like and now the toe is wrapped in several tissues.

So yeah. Ow and fuck and shit and ow and damn.


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