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Another fic start because I couldn't get my head into the right gear for were-tigers. Started this one at work (oops) and tried to get a little more of once I got home, but couldn't get moving properly on that either. There is more, but this is a neater stopping point for now.

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For lack of anything better, here's the start of some random fic. A result of yesterday's hyperactive muse. I was going to try to finish it tonight, but then I found out the motorbikes were on, and that's really not a good way to get into the mood. (Also, it turns out I can enjoy reading incest, but I get squicky writing it. I refuse to let that stop me finishing it.)

Content: Were-tigers, smut (well, getting there), incest

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A little challenge for myself, based on the 101 Things in 1001 Days meme. In this case it'll be writing because that is what I do, and a dual challenge because I'm crazy because I decided if I just do 101 Fic they'll all end up being short fics and I already know I can do those.

So, between now and 3 November 2013, I will endeavour to write 101 drabbles and 101 longer fics, where drabbles are less than 1k and longfics are greater than 1k. All fic must be complete to count, and must be readable as a standalone.

And I'll try to maintain tags in case anyone wants to keep track.


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