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So Monday's migraine hasn't gone away properly yet. It kept me company all day in fact. Rather nice of it, except totally not. Really need to find someone who can fix my neck again for a reasonable price.

Work was okay, was only painfully exhausted for the first few hours of the day, and had absolutely no issues with the buses.

Got home to find an email from the real estate saying the owners of the unit will be coming around this Friday and Saturday for various maintenance stuff, and if I'm home on Saturday they'll have a chat and a look around to work out whether the water is coming in from the patio as I suspect or from the ceiling. Reasonable considering I've already had two ceiling leaks here. I'm 99% sure it's coming in from the patio, so I'm hoping they'll put in better drainage.

In the meantime, I need to clean the place up, which is so much easier said than done. I'm making surprising progress though. Not sure if I should be concerned or wary or just try to take it in stride. We'll see.

Also, I hate trying to clean carpet.
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Week 1 of the cleaning, and today's area is the bathroom. Fun stuff I know, but someone's gotta do it. And since no one else lives her I guess I volunteer.

For this first week I want to just try to remember do this every day. So if I don't get all the things done, it's okay.

1. Clean toilet bowl
2. Wipe down toilet seat, lid and tank
3. Wipe down sink
4. Clean shower
5. Vacuum window
6. Vacuum/dust walls
7. Vacuum floor
8. Bug spray on window and floor drain

I decided since I only cleaned the toilet a few days ago I didn't need to do it today, and vacuuming the floor is so much more effort than I care for right now.

In non-cleaning news, the Motorbike Grand Prix is back! Watched the qualifying round this morning (Casey Stoner got pole position!! \o/) and races are on tonight. Well, tomorrow morning. 125cc starts at 2am, MotoGP ends at 7am. So I'll be recording them, because I really do need to get a proper sleep tonight.

But now I have to relearn Stoner's colours, because he's with Repsol Honda now, so he's all orange and yellow instead of red. Although he does have red on his helmet, whereas Pedrosa has black, and Dovizioso has a blue circle thing. *plans to learn all of the riders at a glance by the end of the season*
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Rather than playing WoW all day as expected, I did in fact write. Very, very slowly - to the tune of 4 pages in ten hours. And then I wrote the fifth page in an hour, because my brain is a jerk.

At the end of the day of course I'm happy to have written so much, and pleased with myself for pushing on with it. I just wish I knew what makes it so hard to have productive days so I could have more of them. Part of it is the weather - the humid days in particular leave me with no energy at all - but that's not always an issue. 101 things to figure out while it still matters.

In other news, starting tomorrow I'm going to try a four week thing to get myself into gear with cleaning. I'll do a post about it every day to make myself keep track of what I'm actually doing, but I'll have them marked Date Out Of Order, so no one has to see the boring posts. (If I'm having a bad day I really will just post the to do list and nothing else, but hopefully I'll have non-cleaning things to say too. Maybe)

Right now though I'm off to bed, where I would have been hours ago if it weren't for the writing thing.
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I had the best intentions for this afternoon. Come home, do some dishes and a bit of cleaning, then sit down to finish the short fic and get my day's goal for King's Darkness. I'm not entirely sure what happened instead, except that the internet was involved. And a delivery of groceries.

And I've got a repair guy coming tomorrow to hopefully deal with the ceiling in my bathroom. So before bed tonight I need to clear stuff out of the way so he can get in and out without running into anything (and considering my computer and tv are on one side of that pathway? this is important to me)

Or I could rearrange to make more of a pathway... *tries to resist the bad idea* ...Maybe if I just move the bed and wardrobe so I can move the couch further back...

I'll let you know how it goes

Clean Zones

Feb. 3rd, 2011 10:41 pm
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Cleaning post, because I was too heat-dead to type up the drabble I finally finished.

I'm trying to make myself maintain clean zones around the place, partly as a good habit, partly to prevent the clutter spreading, and partly so that there are places I can look at and actually see the minimalism I want. I keep looking at them, hoping to get a spark of "This. This is what I want." but I think I've lived with clutter so long, spent so much time not-seeing that I just can't engage properly. At the moment I'm... well at least 99% sure I can move away from that if the clean zones stay long enough. It's just a matter of managing it.

So far I have four of them. The stereo area, kitchen table, filing cabinet, and a storage cube beside my bed. Got all four cleared and cleaned today, and then took pictures as proof. (The kitchen table already was, but I'm posting the new pic anyway)

Read more... )

There you have it.

Maybe tomorrow will be cooler and I'll get something done.
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Short post, mostly pics.

Exhibit A: Kitchen table )

Exhibit B: Discs cabinet )

And finally, Exhibit C: Damper )

So there ya go.
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Since the floods, I've been thinking about what I'd do if I had to get the things that were precious to me out of the house in a hurry. The general answer was that I wouldn't be able to, because I've got so much crap I don't really care about that I'd have to dig through to get to the good stuff.

Solution? Get rid of the crap.

Now, this isn't the first time I've gone "I want to get rid of all the junk!" but it is the first time I've been aware enough to realise it's what I really want. If I'd been in a flood affected area, if all my belongings had been swept away, you know what I'd regret losing? My computer, my books, a bookmark from a friend, and a bracelet handmade by another friend's mother.

There's plenty I'd be sad at losing of course. And a lot of things I'd be annoyed at being without. Most of the things I'd replace because that's what you do. It's just that now I'm thinking if I didn't have them to lose, I wouldn't really mind.

So now I'm doing a cleanout, working my way through the three main zones of my flat, putting things I only maybe want to keep in a box, getting rid of the things I don't want, and leaving sections with only the things I actually want.

Not quite ready to cut down to just the precious things yet. I'm hoping that as I get less stuff, I'll start to recognise the things that mean more than the others.


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