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An encouragement post for KD. And now I shall go collapse into bed.

Bad decisions thwarted by epic sleep )
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Stayed up to write, except I didn't write so I just kept staying up. Got it done in the end though, more or less.

Jumpy Raul is jumpy )
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Went through and made a few small changes to what I already had, and added some more. Decided it was easier to post it all rather than fix the previous posts (although I'll probably do that too).

Really long snip (4.4k) )
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Because KD asked for Elementals and scribbles encouraged smut.

Here be smut )
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It's the weekend, hurray! And I should have written earlier, but I didn't, so I'll ignore how tired I am for now.

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And that's all I can manage. I have no idea. There's something about him not stopping the flames once the goblins stop coming, and then the clearing does something and he passes out on Aja.
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This is much further on than the others. I couldn't resist.

Rico gets his chance )
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Posting the whole scene because the end turned out to be short and lame. *sigh* I should have finished it at the time. It's always so much better that way.

With bonus lame ending )
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I started this at work this morning. I love being alone in the office. It's incomplete, but I think it works as it is and I'm not in the mood to do more.

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Randomly got the urge to write, so I did the follow-up to the last Elementals snip.

The gathering )
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This was going to be light-hearted, a chance to be amused at Rico's expense. And then it wasn't. It happens before the other Elementals bit.

Stuck in the mud )
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I had an idea for a magic system, and ended up writing this.

It sounded better in my head )


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