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Had Tuesday off coz I felt like crap, working tomorrow to make up for it. Saturday's are my sleep in day dammit. >_< But it'll get me a full week's pay.

Writing is next to non-existant, but I'm reading plenty. Got half an hour on the bus every morning and afternoon, plus another half waiting for a changeover (because waiting is better than missing the next bus) and the better part of half an hour at lunch. I haven't read this much since I was dodging homework in high school. The only problem is that it's skewing my writing brain, which isn't helping me get back to writing. Every time I write it ends up sounding like whatever I've been reading at the time and completely fails to hold my interest.

Also, I think I might have to give up tv if I want to get enough sleep. Record stuff and watch it on the weekends. I really need more sleep. Or concealer.

And my Warhammer 40k parcel hasn't arrived yet. Got the paintbrushes, but no paints or models. Mind you, no weekend left to spend with them, so I guess it works out.
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Thursday, so I got my sushi after work. (soft shell crab, eel & cucumber, lobster salad, and california roll) Yummy stuff. I was going to get ice cream from Cold Rock too, and get a skirt to wear clubbing tomorrow night, but by the time I got sushi and a library book I was too tired and miserable for any of it.

The misery was mostly because yesterday walking home I discovered I had a cut on the underside of my foot, at the base of the toes on my right foot. Exactly the right spot to pull the cut open again every time I took a step, or to cause a pressure spot on my big toe when I tried to avoid pulling it. Today was only worse, and there's nothing I can do about it. So I have a limp, an itchy-stinging foot, and my left leg is sore from having to compensate for the right.

And this on top of my usual exhaustion from having to get up early. *sigh*

Going to try to get to bed early tonight, and pray it has a good effect this time. Tomorrow night will be spent with booze, hopefully drinking till dawn while my sister in law dances till dawn. I want to have no money left in that account by the time the sun rises. (it's okay, it's not the one my bills come out of)

Of course... this is assuming I don't get there and go "omg people get me out of here!" /o\
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Should have posted as soon as I got home. Now I'm too tired for it.

A day, I had it. It came with sushi and a dryer, and more library books, and the satisfaction of only one day till the weekend.

Tomorrow night will contain a similar post, with hopefully more caffeine, as I will be going into the city to find their store of the sushi place I like and to work out how to get to the Gloria Jeans from the Elizabeth Street stop without getting hopelessly lost.

And now, good night. (well, actually I'll probably lie in bed for a while, maybe read, hopefully write. bit early for sleep, no matter how tired I am. but anyway)
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Unbelievably tired right now with no idea why. Bedtime after the next show, and hopefully it's late enough that I don't end up making myself wake up in the middle of the night.
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There was something I wanted to post about, I'm sure of it. All I can think of now though is "long weekend wheeee". Oh, and I wrote, but not much, because it's been a long day and I'm tired and blech.

And there was something this morning I thought of about the oddities of my fears of heights. Mostly that I'm fine with throwing myself out of a plane, but not flying in one, and tall buildings are okay, but not standing on chairs. I might have had a point in mind at the time beyond "my fears are weird".

Other than that, WoW continues to be addictive and Black Sheep is hilarious.
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So last night I went to bed later than planned, and had trouble falling asleep because of the heat and humidity. Managed to fall asleep, woke up at about 1am for no reason. Fell asleep again, woke around 3am to epic storm. Was in and out of sleep for an hour until I got back to sleep properly. Alarm went off at 5.30am, I woke to that and didn't stay awake. 6am trundled past with at least a dozen separate half-wakings. At 7am I finally managed to get myself out of bed to start the day.

The rest of the day wasn't so bad, but it was long and there was entirely too much brain activity required. Class ended early, which didn't really help me because I still had to wait for the bus. Oh, and I wore different shoes, so now I have new holes in my feet.

Working on writing now. Not sure how much I'll manage. I don't want to spend too much time on it, just whatever I can manage and an early night. Hopefully tonight goes better than last night.
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You'll have to forgive my inability to explain properly at the moment. My brain is half dead, and the rest of me is getting there.

I've got a smut idea that's been hanging around for a while (I think it first showed up some time last year, maybe even earlier) but I've never been able to write it. Mostly because it's more than a little aggressive, and that just pushes my comfort zone too much.

The basic idea is a human male with a female of a cousin species. The matings within this cousin species are a pretty violent thing, initially a dominance thing, but now I'm thinking there's a physical reaction to the violence that leads to pregnancy. So it starts with fighting, which then triggers the lust, and maybe a responding reaction.

Between two of the cousin species, it shifts fairly quickly or not at all, because both are producing the hormones or whatever. With a human though it's sort of one sided, so the violence is much greater.

In the case of this particular pairing, the violence leads to... well to her putting his eye out. Her aggression has pretty much taken over (it's her first mating, so she has none of the control needed) and she needs him to fight back. It very definitely works. Luckily for him, her lust creates a sort of drug for him, so pleasure overwhelms the pain.

(Oh, and he gets no sympathy ever for the eye. There's a reason they say don't do this ever at all for any reason. Stick your hand in a fire and you're gonna get roasted.)
All in all, not the simplest thing for me.
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A friend took some photos of her recent snow, and I (finally) remembered to icon some of them.

Click for icons )


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