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Missed three days of posts. Bah. The weekend was worth it though.

Got into the city easily enough on Friday about 7.30pm, tired but not unbearably so, and my foot was okay enough to walk on for the most part. Had a fairy floss cocktail, a redskin vodka, a butterscotch vodka, a chicos vodka, and an absinthe cocktail (by that stage I was half-deaf from the music, nevermind the intoxication, so I have no idea what was in it other than the absinthe and a lime). Watched my sister in law dance with three chicks, and persuaded people that I was having fun honest, but dancing would mean pain. Though next time I'll try to make sure my feet are okay beforehand. (now that I know how effective Savlon is on those cuts, it should be okay)

It ended up being a short night, back to my brother's by about 1am apparently. Then up at 8am (with no hangover. I was actually sort of bugged by that. I was sure the absinthe would do it (not that I want to ever get a hangover, it's just... absinthe. really.)) and went out for coffee with Loz's mother and grandmother. Hangover or not, white chocolate mochas taste nicer after a night of boozing. Shopped a bit but didn't end up buying anything. I'll do the buying thing when I go to Garden City on Thursday.

Saturday night was movie night, Iron Man and Iron Man 2, which was predictably enjoyable. And at various points in the evening my brain latched onto Warhammer 40k and the painting of models, thanks to my brother. So after the others went to bed I stayed up painting one of my Orks. Had intended to just do a little bit to get a feel for it, but when I tried to sleep I got an epic case of insomnia. The stressful sort, so I distracted myself with painting. Which turned out rather well, to my great surprise. Ended up going to bed some time after 4am.

And woke at about 8am. For the record, 4 hours sleep on a couch while epically panicked by insomnia is not ideal. Still, I've had worse.

Got home mid-late morning Sunday, and proceeded to waste the day instead of doing something useful like laundry or cleaning or anything. Spent the evening hunting down sites to buy paint brushes, paints, clue and a craft knife, and a mob of Ork boyz. I should have them all by the end of the week, so this weekend will be another unproductive one. *shifty look*

Also, I need to pick colours for my Orks. I'm thinking I'll go pale neutrals for the clothes (whites, browns, that sort of thing) but clan colours and markings are important too. (Okay, so not life and death important, but I've discovered I really like the idea of painting them all up well, and paying attention to details like that is part of it.) I might even get fancy and have the markings be a status thing. Face markings for the leaders perhaps. Although figuring out how to even make those markings on the models will be a challenge all of its own. But I have a heap of unpainted Orks from the last time I almost got into it so I'll use them as practice pieces.
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If I end up leaving a will, I hope it traumatises people enough that they forget to grieve.


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