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I had the best intentions for this afternoon. Come home, do some dishes and a bit of cleaning, then sit down to finish the short fic and get my day's goal for King's Darkness. I'm not entirely sure what happened instead, except that the internet was involved. And a delivery of groceries.

And I've got a repair guy coming tomorrow to hopefully deal with the ceiling in my bathroom. So before bed tonight I need to clear stuff out of the way so he can get in and out without running into anything (and considering my computer and tv are on one side of that pathway? this is important to me)

Or I could rearrange to make more of a pathway... *tries to resist the bad idea* ...Maybe if I just move the bed and wardrobe so I can move the couch further back...

I'll let you know how it goes
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For the first time in days I'm awake at 9pm, and for the first time in a lot longer it's not because I only woke up a few hours ago. In fact I woke sometime after 3am (it was a rough morning, I'm not sure when I woke up, was awake, or got up, only that I was functional by 5am) and have been awake since then. (When I've been tracking it longer I'll share with you my horrible sleep pattern.)

Which is possibly how I came to be spending the evening working on a plot for a RPF based on a friend. As in someone I actually know and talk to, who will be reading it when I'm done and hopefully sharing how amused/offended/traumatised she is by it. There will be zombies, and smut. (Though the two will be separate. Zombie smut is reserved for completely fictional characters.)
(I should note, she started it.)

I really shouldn't be allowed to have ideas when I'm tired. Or ever.

My brain is not a safe place. *shifty look*

Oh brain

Jan. 8th, 2011 10:23 pm
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I'm attempting to work a plot involving a war between sky turtles and plain tortoises, and the sky frog and chameleon who have to work together to unite the two before the sky sharks arrive.

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The overall outline was completed Friday night, although I had to resort to two word summaries (ie, Get job, Find lead, Follow lead, Lead dies, etc. Simple, but effective as it turns out.) Proceeded to attempt a phase outline, but I decided it was taking too long, and if I'd gotten stuck on the details I would have simply run out of time. So I moved back a bit to a scene-level outline, and as of today I'm approximately halfway through the novel.

I really want to keep going since it's still early, but I've lost focus. I'll try to spend an hour or so on it every night this week. Once I finish the outline I'll need to go back and add notes for the things I'm having trouble with, and I need to work out various details to minimise mix-ups when it comes to writing. As long as I spend that time on it every night I shouldn't have any trouble.

With a bit of luck and persistence I should be able to pull this off, as long as I remember that it doesn't have to be perfect.

For the writing week, I should have at least half of Monday (I'm not sure when we'll get there), and then all of Tuesday to Friday. Saturday's a write-off, but I can also use Sunday if I have to, because Monday is a holiday.  
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During the last weekend of this month, I'm going to see the superbikes with my dad, and hopefully my brother and his girlfriend. On the Monday, Dad and I are driving back to his place, where I'll be staying until the next Saturday, when I'll be coming home.

As a result of my general craziness, I've decided to attempt to write the plotbunny, in full, during that week. 

So this week and next I will be attempting to work out an outline for it, complete enough that I'll be able to get at least the entire plotline written out. Sub-plots and characterisation/setting things are optional, but I want it to be enough that someone can read it and go "Ah, so that's what happens".

I suspect this venture is possible, but whether or not I can do it remains to be seen.


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