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Thursday, so I got my sushi after work. (soft shell crab, eel & cucumber, lobster salad, and california roll) Yummy stuff. I was going to get ice cream from Cold Rock too, and get a skirt to wear clubbing tomorrow night, but by the time I got sushi and a library book I was too tired and miserable for any of it.

The misery was mostly because yesterday walking home I discovered I had a cut on the underside of my foot, at the base of the toes on my right foot. Exactly the right spot to pull the cut open again every time I took a step, or to cause a pressure spot on my big toe when I tried to avoid pulling it. Today was only worse, and there's nothing I can do about it. So I have a limp, an itchy-stinging foot, and my left leg is sore from having to compensate for the right.

And this on top of my usual exhaustion from having to get up early. *sigh*

Going to try to get to bed early tonight, and pray it has a good effect this time. Tomorrow night will be spent with booze, hopefully drinking till dawn while my sister in law dances till dawn. I want to have no money left in that account by the time the sun rises. (it's okay, it's not the one my bills come out of)

Of course... this is assuming I don't get there and go "omg people get me out of here!" /o\
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For the record, I don't enjoy group tasks.

*toddles off to hide the bodies*
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Tonight I'm going to a party at my brother's place. Staying overnight coz it's easier than public transport at that hour. (Although depending on how I'm feeling and if anyone's sober enough to drop me at the train station....)

Part of me is trying to focus on other things, but most of me is going "OMG SOCIALISING HEEEEEEEEEEEELP ;___;"

Not that I'm not social or anything. I just have a limit. Usually I can handle about 5 days a week around people... Kind of like studying full time.



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