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For lack of anything better, here's the start of some random fic. A result of yesterday's hyperactive muse. I was going to try to finish it tonight, but then I found out the motorbikes were on, and that's really not a good way to get into the mood. (Also, it turns out I can enjoy reading incest, but I get squicky writing it. I refuse to let that stop me finishing it.)

Content: Were-tigers, smut (well, getting there), incest

Tiger's play )
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Week 1 of the cleaning, and today's area is the bathroom. Fun stuff I know, but someone's gotta do it. And since no one else lives her I guess I volunteer.

For this first week I want to just try to remember do this every day. So if I don't get all the things done, it's okay.

1. Clean toilet bowl
2. Wipe down toilet seat, lid and tank
3. Wipe down sink
4. Clean shower
5. Vacuum window
6. Vacuum/dust walls
7. Vacuum floor
8. Bug spray on window and floor drain

I decided since I only cleaned the toilet a few days ago I didn't need to do it today, and vacuuming the floor is so much more effort than I care for right now.

In non-cleaning news, the Motorbike Grand Prix is back! Watched the qualifying round this morning (Casey Stoner got pole position!! \o/) and races are on tonight. Well, tomorrow morning. 125cc starts at 2am, MotoGP ends at 7am. So I'll be recording them, because I really do need to get a proper sleep tonight.

But now I have to relearn Stoner's colours, because he's with Repsol Honda now, so he's all orange and yellow instead of red. Although he does have red on his helmet, whereas Pedrosa has black, and Dovizioso has a blue circle thing. *plans to learn all of the riders at a glance by the end of the season*


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