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For lack of anything better, here's the start of some random fic. A result of yesterday's hyperactive muse. I was going to try to finish it tonight, but then I found out the motorbikes were on, and that's really not a good way to get into the mood. (Also, it turns out I can enjoy reading incest, but I get squicky writing it. I refuse to let that stop me finishing it.)

Content: Were-tigers, smut (well, getting there), incest

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WoW talk

Mar. 17th, 2011 11:34 pm
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As predicted WoW took over most of the day, though I did do dishes and get two pages of writing done.

I've been playing a warrior lately, protection specced so I can tank in groups. Managed about one dungeon run per level so far, and I think I'm sort of getting the hang of it. On a couple of the runs I mentioned that this was my first tank, which got me enough praise to reassure me that I wasn't completely botching it, and some reassurance that I'd get the hang of it quickly enough.

Definitely prefer being a healer though. So much less stressful, even with the worst of pulls. Not so much because it's easier than tanking (although it certainly is) but because the healer role is what suits me best. Standing back, keeping an eye on everyone, keeping out of enemy range and within the tank's line of sight, knowing how to conserve mana and use HoT spells to avoid wasting time and mana on long cast heals; it all just makes sense to me. Trying to work out how to get and hold aggro while half the party seems to be doing their best to pull it off me? Not so much.

On one of the runs, I got a pally healer who was... well, to put it nicely she (well, female character. I never bother to guess about the player) was a jerk. Kept being bossy, and got real stroppy that me and the rogue needed to get the same quest items as her. Even though the dungeon was filled with enough of them for the whole group I suspect, no no, she just had to get the ones early on. I hadn't started collecting them at that stage, so she was just griping at the rogue, who basically told her to get stuffed. So she refused to heal him. At all. He stuck out the whole run, with help from the druid, heaven knows why. We ended up finishing the run okay, but oh geez.

It's the first time I've been on the tanking end of having a group with a problem healer though, and it gave me a new perspective. One which reinforces my views on the responsibilities of a healer, which is good, but having that extra depth of understanding is nice. I've always tried to be a good healer, to try to always keep health up so no one has to worry about dying, and to be focussed on what I'm doing. And it's gotten me a great deal of thanks, and more than a few regroups (and back before the dungeon finder feature, people I'd worked well with in a dungeon even joined up for questing).

If I keep it up, I'll probably even start to develop Opinions on how DPS should behave. (I never really noticed DPS as a healer - all health bars look the same - as long as people didn't make stupid pulls. But stupidity really is a class all of its own.)

...Why yes, I do over think these things.
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Almost forgot to post today, mostly because I don't have much to say. Writing happens slowly and only on King's Darkness, my current novel attempt. Lots of WoW playing, plenty of sleeping, and general wandering around the net.

Today I got an idea for a cyberpunk version of Sleeping Beauty. We'll see if it goes anywhere. I'm not very good at the fairytale style of prose. I've roughed out the basics of plot though so that's something. I've also got vaguer ideas for Rumpelstiltskin and Rapunzel. It'll be funny if I do manage it.

And now I'm going to attempt an insanely early bedtime, because I'm exhausted.
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You'll have to forgive my inability to explain properly at the moment. My brain is half dead, and the rest of me is getting there.

I've got a smut idea that's been hanging around for a while (I think it first showed up some time last year, maybe even earlier) but I've never been able to write it. Mostly because it's more than a little aggressive, and that just pushes my comfort zone too much.

The basic idea is a human male with a female of a cousin species. The matings within this cousin species are a pretty violent thing, initially a dominance thing, but now I'm thinking there's a physical reaction to the violence that leads to pregnancy. So it starts with fighting, which then triggers the lust, and maybe a responding reaction.

Between two of the cousin species, it shifts fairly quickly or not at all, because both are producing the hormones or whatever. With a human though it's sort of one sided, so the violence is much greater.

In the case of this particular pairing, the violence leads to... well to her putting his eye out. Her aggression has pretty much taken over (it's her first mating, so she has none of the control needed) and she needs him to fight back. It very definitely works. Luckily for him, her lust creates a sort of drug for him, so pleasure overwhelms the pain.

(Oh, and he gets no sympathy ever for the eye. There's a reason they say don't do this ever at all for any reason. Stick your hand in a fire and you're gonna get roasted.)
All in all, not the simplest thing for me.


Feb. 21st, 2011 08:47 pm
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So, the other day I attempted to watch Twilight (it had been on tv, so I recorded it) and... well I spent about 10 minutes on the attempt, and got through half the movie. I tried, I really did. I'm just not capable of sitting through nonsensical teenage wangst.

Then I mentioned to a friend that what bugged me about the stories was how they had potential and it was butchered. Said friend proceeded to encourage my brain and now I'm poking at the idea (not for the first time mind you) of fixing it.

I want to try to keep at least the key elements of the stories, minus the wangst and drama. Which is going to involve a lot of hunting down of summaries and such, because there's really no way I'm going to make any more attempts at getting through the stories on my own.

Anyway, changing the character names to Beatrice and Melvin, and calling it Twilark for the time being. Oh, and making Melvin not actually a vampire, though I'll try to keep every detail the same. Because I am not having sparkling vampires, but the sparkles themselves are kinda funny.

It'll probably be a not-Earth too, just coz.

In other news, today was too hot and I wrote a little this morning but not enough.
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Today was... not productive. I played WoW, I ate... that about sums it up. Plans to write went nowhere, cleaning and decluttering never even crossed my mind.

And now my brain is trying to grasp the concept of space-time. Which to my brain means understanding the theory-reality in the same way that I understand, say, an apple. It doesn't mind that the complexity levels of the two concepts are worlds apart, because a complete concept is so dense and self-completing that complexity ceases to be a relevant factor.

The problem being of course that until the concept is complete, the complexity is everything.


Feb. 17th, 2011 10:33 pm
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Y'know, I'm not actually sure what this even is. The narrator is zombie king Rafe, protag in one of my stories, I know that much. But this particular bit?

I'm just gonna blame it on my brain being weird.

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These two will do as characters in the sky turtle vs tortoise story.

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