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I've been getting slack with my other fics. The ideas are there - some I've started writing and not finished, others I have plotted or partially plotted - I just... keep finding other things to do. Which currently includes working on my novel length story. Of which you shall now get the opening snippet so I don't have to think of something else to post. (The problem with this whole daily posting thing is that some days all I want to post is "Didn't die. Good day.")

A zombie wakes )
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Almost forgot to post today, mostly because I don't have much to say. Writing happens slowly and only on King's Darkness, my current novel attempt. Lots of WoW playing, plenty of sleeping, and general wandering around the net.

Today I got an idea for a cyberpunk version of Sleeping Beauty. We'll see if it goes anywhere. I'm not very good at the fairytale style of prose. I've roughed out the basics of plot though so that's something. I've also got vaguer ideas for Rumpelstiltskin and Rapunzel. It'll be funny if I do manage it.

And now I'm going to attempt an insanely early bedtime, because I'm exhausted.
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There was something I wanted to post about, I'm sure of it. All I can think of now though is "long weekend wheeee". Oh, and I wrote, but not much, because it's been a long day and I'm tired and blech.

And there was something this morning I thought of about the oddities of my fears of heights. Mostly that I'm fine with throwing myself out of a plane, but not flying in one, and tall buildings are okay, but not standing on chairs. I might have had a point in mind at the time beyond "my fears are weird".

Other than that, WoW continues to be addictive and Black Sheep is hilarious.
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Spent the weekend doing chores and being social, so I'm once again without writing. And generally displeased with the situation. I need to be writing more, but I also need to be thinking about writing. I was doing well for a while, but then I fell out of the habit.

The second Novel in a Season challenge starts on Tuesday, so I'll need to be writing three pages a day for that. I don't want it to be my only writing though, which means working on drabble and longfic every day too.

In theory I should be completing 2 drabble and longfics every three weeks, which should be a cinch for the drabble, and at least doable for the longfic. As usual though it's a case of less talk, more do.

We'll see.

Oh brain

Jan. 8th, 2011 10:23 pm
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I'm attempting to work a plot involving a war between sky turtles and plain tortoises, and the sky frog and chameleon who have to work together to unite the two before the sky sharks arrive.

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I'm supposed to be writing every day, to get a novel finished before the end of February. Between the weather and drama I'm not doing so well at it. It doesn't help that my sleep pattern is messed up all over again.

Normally at this stage I'd be starting to go "Do I really want this anyway?" and similar things. Luckily I'm not. I still like the story, I want to write, it's just that I can't focus. I don't care enough at this moment to fight through a headache and try to work out what I need for the story.

My best chance will be to get a couple of good sleeps and some reasonable weather, neither of which I can control in any way.

Sometimes I really don't like my life.


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