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For the first time in days I'm awake at 9pm, and for the first time in a lot longer it's not because I only woke up a few hours ago. In fact I woke sometime after 3am (it was a rough morning, I'm not sure when I woke up, was awake, or got up, only that I was functional by 5am) and have been awake since then. (When I've been tracking it longer I'll share with you my horrible sleep pattern.)

Which is possibly how I came to be spending the evening working on a plot for a RPF based on a friend. As in someone I actually know and talk to, who will be reading it when I'm done and hopefully sharing how amused/offended/traumatised she is by it. There will be zombies, and smut. (Though the two will be separate. Zombie smut is reserved for completely fictional characters.)
(I should note, she started it.)

I really shouldn't be allowed to have ideas when I'm tired. Or ever.

My brain is not a safe place. *shifty look*
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Been going through abandoned stories and doing the first five weeks of the 2 Year Novel course for the ones I want to revive. So far I've done Prophecy, Soulmates, Gabe's story, and Evermage, with plans to do Dragons next (but not tonight as I'd hoped, because it's going to take a lot of thinking and it's already late).

So far the course is working a lot better for these stories than it was for the plotbunny, I suspect because I'm more willing to discard what I've previously done for them. With the plotbunny I'm trying to organise what I have, whereas the resurrected stories are mostly getting complete startovers. I think it will continue to be easier when I get to the characters section since I never really got to know the characters before.

Having said that, I am only at the introduction weeks, and there's plenty of time for them to go wrong. Not to mention the fact that I seem to trip up when I get to the outlining and writing stage (which in the past has tended to be the same stage) so that trend may continue.

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Been working on the plotbunny, using the Snowflake Method. Did the sentence and paragraph summaries, and partial character summaries for Mar and Derek. Then attempted to do a page summary and it went downhill from there. Mostly just my mood though, I think the planning is still going okay.

I worked out that the story is about a job Mar is doing for the Unity, and that it threatens the Sentients, which gives Mar and Derek plenty of motivation to make dangerous choices. And the antagonist is after the object first and Derek second, which makes more sense (and gives me less antagonists to juggle).

At some point though I got frustrated with planning and tried to write, except I wasn't in the right mind to write. I'll work on the planning again tomorrow.


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