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Missed three days of posts. Bah. The weekend was worth it though.

Got into the city easily enough on Friday about 7.30pm, tired but not unbearably so, and my foot was okay enough to walk on for the most part. Had a fairy floss cocktail, a redskin vodka, a butterscotch vodka, a chicos vodka, and an absinthe cocktail (by that stage I was half-deaf from the music, nevermind the intoxication, so I have no idea what was in it other than the absinthe and a lime). Watched my sister in law dance with three chicks, and persuaded people that I was having fun honest, but dancing would mean pain. Though next time I'll try to make sure my feet are okay beforehand. (now that I know how effective Savlon is on those cuts, it should be okay)

It ended up being a short night, back to my brother's by about 1am apparently. Then up at 8am (with no hangover. I was actually sort of bugged by that. I was sure the absinthe would do it (not that I want to ever get a hangover, it's just... absinthe. really.)) and went out for coffee with Loz's mother and grandmother. Hangover or not, white chocolate mochas taste nicer after a night of boozing. Shopped a bit but didn't end up buying anything. I'll do the buying thing when I go to Garden City on Thursday.

Saturday night was movie night, Iron Man and Iron Man 2, which was predictably enjoyable. And at various points in the evening my brain latched onto Warhammer 40k and the painting of models, thanks to my brother. So after the others went to bed I stayed up painting one of my Orks. Had intended to just do a little bit to get a feel for it, but when I tried to sleep I got an epic case of insomnia. The stressful sort, so I distracted myself with painting. Which turned out rather well, to my great surprise. Ended up going to bed some time after 4am.

And woke at about 8am. For the record, 4 hours sleep on a couch while epically panicked by insomnia is not ideal. Still, I've had worse.

Got home mid-late morning Sunday, and proceeded to waste the day instead of doing something useful like laundry or cleaning or anything. Spent the evening hunting down sites to buy paint brushes, paints, clue and a craft knife, and a mob of Ork boyz. I should have them all by the end of the week, so this weekend will be another unproductive one. *shifty look*

Also, I need to pick colours for my Orks. I'm thinking I'll go pale neutrals for the clothes (whites, browns, that sort of thing) but clan colours and markings are important too. (Okay, so not life and death important, but I've discovered I really like the idea of painting them all up well, and paying attention to details like that is part of it.) I might even get fancy and have the markings be a status thing. Face markings for the leaders perhaps. Although figuring out how to even make those markings on the models will be a challenge all of its own. But I have a heap of unpainted Orks from the last time I almost got into it so I'll use them as practice pieces.
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Thursday, so I got my sushi after work. (soft shell crab, eel & cucumber, lobster salad, and california roll) Yummy stuff. I was going to get ice cream from Cold Rock too, and get a skirt to wear clubbing tomorrow night, but by the time I got sushi and a library book I was too tired and miserable for any of it.

The misery was mostly because yesterday walking home I discovered I had a cut on the underside of my foot, at the base of the toes on my right foot. Exactly the right spot to pull the cut open again every time I took a step, or to cause a pressure spot on my big toe when I tried to avoid pulling it. Today was only worse, and there's nothing I can do about it. So I have a limp, an itchy-stinging foot, and my left leg is sore from having to compensate for the right.

And this on top of my usual exhaustion from having to get up early. *sigh*

Going to try to get to bed early tonight, and pray it has a good effect this time. Tomorrow night will be spent with booze, hopefully drinking till dawn while my sister in law dances till dawn. I want to have no money left in that account by the time the sun rises. (it's okay, it's not the one my bills come out of)

Of course... this is assuming I don't get there and go "omg people get me out of here!" /o\
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Went to bed early last night, and slept in, and I was exhausted. Sometimes I really hate my body. Anyway, I'll try to get just my usual sleep tonight (and Kill Bill just happens to be on) so hopefully that'll help.

Two more days of work, and one of them I'll be in the office alone. Which would be great, except I'll also be in charge of the phone, and I'm still rather in the deep end with everything, so I'm mostly hoping that anyone who rings will be happy with leaving a message. And that the guys will have a better idea about the jobs they have to do and where they should go than I do. (particularly since I fully intend to just call one of them when a job comes in and go "hey, there's this job, who's closest? ^_^".

...I'm also desperately praying that no one calls with an emergency job.

On the bright side, late night shopping tomorrow night, so there'll be sushi for dinner and lunch on Friday. And Friday night I'm taking my hard earned money clubbing. My sister-in-law is hoping to dance till dawn, and while I certainly won't dance, I'm more than happy to drink till dawn. (there's a good chance of course that we'll all get to midnight and be too exhausted to keep going)

In other news, I don't hand write enough stuff, which means that when I'm not at a computer - and generally only Queeg has my writing on it these days - I can't write. So I'm going to try to hand write more and maybe I'll end up finishing more stuff.
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So now that I have income again, I'm thinking about doing some proper rearranging. The sort that involves buying the right furniture for the room and the stuff in it. (because just rearranging everything you already own totally doesn't count) I'm thinking it'll have to involve finding a way to get rid of some of what I currently have, either by finding a charity that'll take it (and do weekend or evening pick up) or seeing if any family or friends are interested.

I think my first priority will be homes for books, which'll mean counting my books. There's one set of shelves I quite like, but I think it'll only fit about 120 books.

Bills and savings first though. If this job falls through for any reason, having nice bookshelves won't improve my mood.


Apr. 2nd, 2011 11:34 pm
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Today was... probably more productive than it seemed actually. Didn't get the sleep in I wanted, but I slept well so I guess that'll do. Got two loads of washing done, but I'll need to do a couple more tomorrow. And it's apparently going to rain tomorrow, which is a problem despite the dryer.

Also got a heap of dishes washed, but laziness got in the way of finishing them. Plus I tidied off my couch (more or less), cleaned my kitchen, and sorted the laundry to be washed.

The rest of the day was mostly taken up by a hyperactive muse. And when the muse is hyperactive nothing actually gets written, so I can't even call it productivity.
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Celebrated by going into the city after work. Because the city has sushi and coffee, and it's not a real celebration without sushi and coffee.

The bus was late and I was the only passenger so he skipped all of his stops (there weren't many left anyway) and then took me all the way into the city because he had his next route starting there anyway so it worked out perfectly! So instead of maybe being home by 7pm or more likely 7.30pm because of the bus timing, I was in the city by quarter to six, and back home by quarter past! And we chatted the whole way, it was cool.

So I got a small coffee (coz it was all I could afford without getting cash out >_<) which turned out to be a good thing coz my stomach refused to let me finish it. But it was totally worth it. And I got sushi, 4 rolls so I have some for tonight and tomorrow and maybe Sunday too if I'm really restrained. (smoked salmon, fresh salmon, soft shell crab, and fried fish) Going to slice them up into smaller segments so I can have more than one type at a time without eating them all in one go.
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Should have posted as soon as I got home. Now I'm too tired for it.

A day, I had it. It came with sushi and a dryer, and more library books, and the satisfaction of only one day till the weekend.

Tomorrow night will contain a similar post, with hopefully more caffeine, as I will be going into the city to find their store of the sushi place I like and to work out how to get to the Gloria Jeans from the Elizabeth Street stop without getting hopelessly lost.

And now, good night. (well, actually I'll probably lie in bed for a while, maybe read, hopefully write. bit early for sleep, no matter how tired I am. but anyway)

Looong day

Mar. 30th, 2011 09:45 pm
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But I've pretty much caught up on the invoices at work. Got about half a dozen left, plus whatever comes through for tomorrow.

Hoping to be completely caught up by the end of the week (as in, only that morning's lot of job reports to do each day, rather than the day's plus whatever was left over) so I can work on learning the concepts and processes better. That way I should be able to do out the invoices properly, instead of just fudging things together or making short notes for the boss to expand on.

Just have to remind myself that I'm allowed to take some time to learn it all. And yes, a few months is acceptable if that's what it takes, because in the meantime I'll be learning which previous invoices I can refer to for copy/pasting.

In other news, I'm getting a clothes dryer tomorrow. Mum's dropping it round while I'm at work. Which I'll be late home from, coz it's late night shopping and I'll be going to the library to return some books and then sushi!

What's the bet I have a horrible morning to make up for it? (I'm noticing that trend a bit, mostly limited to the buses. If they're on time in the morning, they're late in the afternoon, or vice versa. Although this morning the first two were early and the third was late, and this afternoon the first two were right on time and the third was early, so I'm not sure what was going on there.)

Also, my novel writing is so very much not happening this week, but I've been working on the ending to this fic, though the style and tone is very different just because. Hand written, so I'll have to type it up at some point. And then at some later point I'll rewrite one end or the other so it actually sounds right when you read them all in a row. (Although I feel I should add that 'later' covers any time during the rest of my life, so don't hold your breath or anything)
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This morning I woke up bright and early, and then dozed off again for an hour. Decided to get one of the later buses for the first connection, was on time to meet the second bus, and it was 20 mins late. Which meant I got to work an hour late.

The boss was cool about it, though he did ask if an earlier start time would be better. (earlier? seriously? not fucking likely) Explained that 9am was the best time for me, I'd just have to make sure to get an earlier first bus and then sit around for half an hour waiting for the third.

Finally did some actual work today, going over the notes from the tradies and making invoices from them. Some of the terminology is confusing - not helped by the fact that they use abbreviations and leave stuff out that I can't figure because I don't know what they're trying to say. Knowing that I wasn't expected to know things helped though. Quite a few I passed on to the boss either completely or to expand on. He'll check all of them anyway. I'm basically just there to get the rough work done so he's got time to manage the tradies and the work, and then he goes over it to fix details and put in costs.

Then I worked an extra half hour to make up for being late and that meant I missed the last run of the bus I wanted. I wouldn't have noticed either except another woman asked how else to get into the city. Ended up asking one of the bus drivers, so it turned out okay. Aside from the bit where instead of getting home at 6.30pm, I got in a bit before 8pm.

So now it's late, I'm exhausted, I haven't showered at all today, not sure I'm going to be able to write, and I've got two hours until bed. If I want to shower tonight I need to either do it now and miss half of this show, or later and go to bed still damp (or worse, wake myself up with it and not be able to sleep).
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First day of work was incredibly easy. Mostly because there wasn't much of anything for me to do. I'll mostly be doing invoices for this job, and the tradies hadn't sent in their paperwork so there was nothing new for me to do. So instead I just went through the invoices and job orders that were there, trying to get an idea of what was in them and what things meant. Spent plenty of time scratching the cat's belly and admiring the views.

I imagine I'll have some trouble deciphering the tradies' notes, but the owner's wife is working out job report forms for them to fill out to make things easier. And of course once I understand the terminology and concepts better it should make more sense. ...At least I hope so.

But I do know that I'll be on casual wages for the first few months, so OMGMONEY!! I just have to make sure I pay off my debts and bills before I go splurging.
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I have a bit over 7 hours before I have to be up to get ready for work, and I'm absolutely certain I won't spend anywhere near enough of that time sleeping. It's just how I am. Nerves and new things set off my insomnia.

So I'm going to have my warm milk and honey, and then curl up in bed with a book and try to ignore the time until I get sleepy. Nerves should at least redeem themselves by not letting me oversleep.

Just have to pretend it's like getting ready for class, except that I won't have time to come online before I go. Not unless I want to be up before 5am.

Wish me luck?
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I got the day off to a good start, with laundry and dishes and such. And then... the rest of the day just vanished.

So now I have just tomorrow to get the place however tidy I decide is enough, and then I have to sort things out for work. Make sure I have all my timetable information for getting to work, tidy clothes to wear and my bag sorted. Need to either identify the leftovers in the freezer and put something in the fridge to defrost, or make something new - or both. Should probably try to think what information would be handy to have, bank details and tax file number and so on.

Want to try to get some idea of what the evenings will be like, so I can get stuff done and get to bed on time, without letting myself get rushed. The less I have to do and/or the quicker I can do it, there more time there is for writing and sleeping.
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Feels like forever since I wrote, but it's only been a few days. A few very long days, with far too little sleep. And enough good news to make it more or less worth it.

No idea how getting back into work will affect the writing... although considering how it's been going, work can't really make it much worse. Of course I'm hoping routine will help me write more or at least more regularly. We'll see.

Got a page and a half so far. Hoping to get at least over 2 before I'm done, three would be ideal. It'd help if I knew what I was actually trying to get out of this scene. Two of my characters have started a sort of political dancing which I had no idea about before this scene. I'm pretty sure it'll get set aside soon but I imagine it'll crop up again later on.


Mar. 24th, 2011 08:52 pm
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Got another interview and *drumroll* got the job! :D Start on Monday.

Admin job for a small home-based plumbing business. Sounds like it won't be terribly difficult, a lot of typing out invoices and such, phones once I get settled in. And it'll just be me and the owner, so I'll be free from people. *does the happy introvert dance*

He mentioned looking into later on bringing in MYOB - working with spreadsheets at the moment - so there'll be training with that when it comes. A handy thing for later jobs. (much, much later I hope)


Mar. 23rd, 2011 11:02 pm
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Today was not a good day. Running on an hour's sleep and I have the horrible feeling I won't be able to sleep properly tonight either.

Peak hour traffic plus multiple accidents made my second bus (of a three bus trip) over an hour late so I missed the transfer I needed. When I tried to phone to say I was going to be an hour late, there was no answer, despite multiple tries. I decided - in my sleep exhausted wisdom - to go home and try again tomorrow. Which for several hours I was willing to call a reasonable decision in the circumstances, but of course my anxiety has caught up with me. I'll call again as soon as I get up tomorrow and see if I can get another chance. (What I keep telling myself is that I had to make a decision, I made it, and if it was the wrong then I'll just have to live with that. The anxiety is not impressed.)
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So today was a day off, and I was going to do useful things like cleaning and writing, all sorts of things.

Instead I spent most of the day too tired to do much of anything, other than some of the dishes and a load of washing, a little bit of WoW and reading.

Not helped by getting a phone call to say I have an interview tomorrow afternoon, which means buying a business suitable shirt after class tomorrow - the last day of it, so yay - and almost a kilometre of walking from the bus to the guy's place. If I get the job I'll get fit in rather a hurry I suspect. I'll admit I'm more than a little nervous about it.

In other news, lemmings and blow jobs should never be in the same sentence.
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Rather than playing WoW all day as expected, I did in fact write. Very, very slowly - to the tune of 4 pages in ten hours. And then I wrote the fifth page in an hour, because my brain is a jerk.

At the end of the day of course I'm happy to have written so much, and pleased with myself for pushing on with it. I just wish I knew what makes it so hard to have productive days so I could have more of them. Part of it is the weather - the humid days in particular leave me with no energy at all - but that's not always an issue. 101 things to figure out while it still matters.

In other news, starting tomorrow I'm going to try a four week thing to get myself into gear with cleaning. I'll do a post about it every day to make myself keep track of what I'm actually doing, but I'll have them marked Date Out Of Order, so no one has to see the boring posts. (If I'm having a bad day I really will just post the to do list and nothing else, but hopefully I'll have non-cleaning things to say too. Maybe)

Right now though I'm off to bed, where I would have been hours ago if it weren't for the writing thing.
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Got the rest of the week off, because they're using the room for a 2-day course. Still gotta wake up early tomorrow though, to get my groceries in, and I have to go out Friday afternoon. So it could be better as far as long weekends go, but I'll take what I can get right.

The theoretical plan for the next four days is to catch up on the writing I've been slacking on, at least King's Darkness and some other things if I can, do all of my laundry, a bit of rearranging, and a whole heap of cleaning.

More likely I'll do some writing, half the washing, shuffle the furniture a bit and make things worse, and create more mess than I clear up.
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It was another less than half day of class and then I stayed around to help out again. Not sure if we'll be doing any more computer work. Fairly sure we'll have more half days before it's all over.

Got a bit over a page of writing done in class this morning, and another page this evening. Would've been happier with more, but two pages is still good. Particularly when it gets me over the 5k mark. Though at this rate I'll finish the season with a very short novel or an incomplete one. Neither of which is what I want.
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I was going to get groceries, then head out to get sushi and coffee, grab a few books from the library, then come home to do housework and writing.

I managed to wake up more or less on time and get groceries. But then I realised I really wasn't in the mood for the outing. Did end up managing to write three pages of King's Darkness, but that was about it for progress. Played WoW, wandered the internet, not much else.

There has however been the first hints of actual progress with the cyberpunk fairytale. Got the first 70 words, which seems weird at this stage coz I'm mixing things like "Once upon a time" and "CEO" in the same sentence. There's going to be a fair bit of that, and I don't even know if it'll be possible to make it sound not-weird without shifting away from the fairytale style.


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