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Another fic start because I couldn't get my head into the right gear for were-tigers. Started this one at work (oops) and tried to get a little more of once I got home, but couldn't get moving properly on that either. There is more, but this is a neater stopping point for now.

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Spent the weekend doing chores and being social, so I'm once again without writing. And generally displeased with the situation. I need to be writing more, but I also need to be thinking about writing. I was doing well for a while, but then I fell out of the habit.

The second Novel in a Season challenge starts on Tuesday, so I'll need to be writing three pages a day for that. I don't want it to be my only writing though, which means working on drabble and longfic every day too.

In theory I should be completing 2 drabble and longfics every three weeks, which should be a cinch for the drabble, and at least doable for the longfic. As usual though it's a case of less talk, more do.

We'll see.
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I intended to have writing to post this time. I even did some writing this morning. Just nothing I can post yet. Having the afternoon consumed by WoW didn't help things much.

And tomorrow afternoon I have an information session for a business training course I hopefully won't have to do, so if I don't write in the morning it won't get done. Hopefully I'll manage something I can actually post.
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Been hand writing a random story that I currently know very little about aside from the fact that one character is furious at the other for not leaving him to die. And there might be a royal or supernatural plot involved.

Not writing at the moment because I'm not sure how to write the next bit, and because my eyes are sore (from being tired). If I was typing it'd be fine, but I can't hand write with my eyes closed.

Although if I get any motivation I might attempt to poke at Devan's story, see what his god has to say to him about things. It kind of matters a lot.

I think for tonight though I'm not a writer.


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