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An encouragement post for KD. And now I shall go collapse into bed.

Bad decisions thwarted by epic sleep )
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Stayed up to write, except I didn't write so I just kept staying up. Got it done in the end though, more or less.

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Went through and made a few small changes to what I already had, and added some more. Decided it was easier to post it all rather than fix the previous posts (although I'll probably do that too).

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Because KD asked for Elementals and scribbles encouraged smut.

Here be smut )
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This is what the Elementals characters should be like. Except there's some influence from the parents, so I don't have to totally change Aja.

Earth - Those with earth sign influence are well-grounded and down-to-earth types. They are hard workers who will get the job done. They are not risk takers and prefer a steady, stable path. They are reliable, dutiful, conservative, logical, and responsible. They appreciate all that can be seen and touched, and like to accumulate worldly possessions. The love the finer things in life and will strive to situate themselves accordingly. Under unfavorable aspects, they may become greedy and too materialistic, stepping upon others to gratify themselves.

Air - Those with air sign influence are smart and enterprising. They love a puzzle or dilemma and will find unique solutions. They are inventive and think out of the box. They are generally optimistic and tend to think of the glass as half full. They thrive on processing information and are curious and alert. On the down side, they can be cold and calculating, not fully understanding the emotional needs of others.

Fire - Those with fire sign influence are self-sufficient, courageous risk takers. They go at life with gusto, including in their relationships, and they are by far the sexiest of the elemental signs. They are fun, engaging, and creative in all aspects of their lives. However, they can also be terribly selfish, demanding and bossy under unfavorable conditions, and they often refuse to see any side but their own when confronted with an issue. They can be very headstrong and will bully their way through life if life doesn't move over for them.

Water - Those with water sign influence are the feelers of the world. They are intuitive and "just know." They are compassionate and receptive, and feel everything quite deeply. They are artistic and love having beauty around them. They form strong emotional bonds with others and are always willing to help. They want to care for others and be cared for. They are the psychics of the world. On the down side, they can be moody and may tend to dwell on the bad things.


Jun. 22nd, 2009 09:33 pm
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I can't tell if I'm writing Rico all wrong, or if my concept of him is all wrong. My concept is that he's a Fire-core and a Fire-mage, with enough skill at the other mage Elements to keep him balanced. He should be passionate and focussed, full of life and laughter, and quick to take the lead. Fire is playful, adventurous, playful, creative, tempting, and curious. Fire is also dangerous and flammable.

On the other hand, he's doing something that terrifies him on every level, he's fallen desperately in love with someone he knows he can never have in a million lifetimes, and he's travelling in a forest that changes him somehow.

...And I just managed to delete half the post. Crap.

As I was trying to say, I need to go back and rework things. I should have been pushing him into aggression, not sulking for starters, and from there I think the other corrections will be easier. I hope.

But not tonight. Just once I'd like to get to sleep at a reasonable hour. It won't happen of course, but I'd like to try.
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It's the weekend, hurray! And I should have written earlier, but I didn't, so I'll ignore how tired I am for now.

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And that's all I can manage. I have no idea. There's something about him not stopping the flames once the goblins stop coming, and then the clearing does something and he passes out on Aja.
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This is much further on than the others. I couldn't resist.

Rico gets his chance )
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Posting the whole scene because the end turned out to be short and lame. *sigh* I should have finished it at the time. It's always so much better that way.

With bonus lame ending )
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I started this at work this morning. I love being alone in the office. It's incomplete, but I think it works as it is and I'm not in the mood to do more.

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Randomly got the urge to write, so I did the follow-up to the last Elementals snip.

The gathering )
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This was going to be light-hearted, a chance to be amused at Rico's expense. And then it wasn't. It happens before the other Elementals bit.

Stuck in the mud )
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I had an idea for a magic system, and ended up writing this.

It sounded better in my head )


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