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Went to bed early last night, and slept in, and I was exhausted. Sometimes I really hate my body. Anyway, I'll try to get just my usual sleep tonight (and Kill Bill just happens to be on) so hopefully that'll help.

Two more days of work, and one of them I'll be in the office alone. Which would be great, except I'll also be in charge of the phone, and I'm still rather in the deep end with everything, so I'm mostly hoping that anyone who rings will be happy with leaving a message. And that the guys will have a better idea about the jobs they have to do and where they should go than I do. (particularly since I fully intend to just call one of them when a job comes in and go "hey, there's this job, who's closest? ^_^".

...I'm also desperately praying that no one calls with an emergency job.

On the bright side, late night shopping tomorrow night, so there'll be sushi for dinner and lunch on Friday. And Friday night I'm taking my hard earned money clubbing. My sister-in-law is hoping to dance till dawn, and while I certainly won't dance, I'm more than happy to drink till dawn. (there's a good chance of course that we'll all get to midnight and be too exhausted to keep going)

In other news, I don't hand write enough stuff, which means that when I'm not at a computer - and generally only Queeg has my writing on it these days - I can't write. So I'm going to try to hand write more and maybe I'll end up finishing more stuff.


Apr. 2nd, 2011 11:34 pm
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Today was... probably more productive than it seemed actually. Didn't get the sleep in I wanted, but I slept well so I guess that'll do. Got two loads of washing done, but I'll need to do a couple more tomorrow. And it's apparently going to rain tomorrow, which is a problem despite the dryer.

Also got a heap of dishes washed, but laziness got in the way of finishing them. Plus I tidied off my couch (more or less), cleaned my kitchen, and sorted the laundry to be washed.

The rest of the day was mostly taken up by a hyperactive muse. And when the muse is hyperactive nothing actually gets written, so I can't even call it productivity.
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Feels like forever since I wrote, but it's only been a few days. A few very long days, with far too little sleep. And enough good news to make it more or less worth it.

No idea how getting back into work will affect the writing... although considering how it's been going, work can't really make it much worse. Of course I'm hoping routine will help me write more or at least more regularly. We'll see.

Got a page and a half so far. Hoping to get at least over 2 before I'm done, three would be ideal. It'd help if I knew what I was actually trying to get out of this scene. Two of my characters have started a sort of political dancing which I had no idea about before this scene. I'm pretty sure it'll get set aside soon but I imagine it'll crop up again later on.
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Rather than playing WoW all day as expected, I did in fact write. Very, very slowly - to the tune of 4 pages in ten hours. And then I wrote the fifth page in an hour, because my brain is a jerk.

At the end of the day of course I'm happy to have written so much, and pleased with myself for pushing on with it. I just wish I knew what makes it so hard to have productive days so I could have more of them. Part of it is the weather - the humid days in particular leave me with no energy at all - but that's not always an issue. 101 things to figure out while it still matters.

In other news, starting tomorrow I'm going to try a four week thing to get myself into gear with cleaning. I'll do a post about it every day to make myself keep track of what I'm actually doing, but I'll have them marked Date Out Of Order, so no one has to see the boring posts. (If I'm having a bad day I really will just post the to do list and nothing else, but hopefully I'll have non-cleaning things to say too. Maybe)

Right now though I'm off to bed, where I would have been hours ago if it weren't for the writing thing.
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Didn't even get as far as opening my story document today. Other than going to an appointment and rearranging a bit, I didn't do much of anything in fact. Not even a dungeon run in WoW.

My brain's been poking at a four book romance (proof that my brain hates me, or at least enjoys my suffering) and I did manage to get a bit more of an idea on that. Mostly about the group that's going to be the antagonist when the main characters realise that the werewolf mob is the least of their worries.

Current idea being that there's a secret government (or something similar) that is concerned by how much power the werewolves have gained, and they decide to use the MCs to do something about it. Since they're already on the run from the mob it's in their best interests to help. Though I'm thinking the fourth book will mostly involve them getting their own back in some way.

No idea when (or if) I'll write it, but I really hope my brain lets me finish King's Darkness first because I'm really sick of half-finished stories.
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It was another less than half day of class and then I stayed around to help out again. Not sure if we'll be doing any more computer work. Fairly sure we'll have more half days before it's all over.

Got a bit over a page of writing done in class this morning, and another page this evening. Would've been happier with more, but two pages is still good. Particularly when it gets me over the 5k mark. Though at this rate I'll finish the season with a very short novel or an incomplete one. Neither of which is what I want.
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I was going to get groceries, then head out to get sushi and coffee, grab a few books from the library, then come home to do housework and writing.

I managed to wake up more or less on time and get groceries. But then I realised I really wasn't in the mood for the outing. Did end up managing to write three pages of King's Darkness, but that was about it for progress. Played WoW, wandered the internet, not much else.

There has however been the first hints of actual progress with the cyberpunk fairytale. Got the first 70 words, which seems weird at this stage coz I'm mixing things like "Once upon a time" and "CEO" in the same sentence. There's going to be a fair bit of that, and I don't even know if it'll be possible to make it sound not-weird without shifting away from the fairytale style.
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I read Mercedes Lackey's Magic's Pawn today. Started reading it in class (what? it was boring, and I was actually paying attention) and finished it this evening.

It had me crying for over an hour, and sniffling for the rest of the book. It was wonderful. More than a few times I thought I should probably set it aside, do something else to regain my composure, but somehow it never quite happened. I just couldn't make myself put it down.

Stories and authors make me think I'd gladly give up an arm and a leg to be able to write that well.
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For a writing day, today was not bad. Got just shy of 400 words this morning, and another 100 after class.

1st present because... well, because that's what got written. I'm not going to waste time trying to find what works best or fighting with a scene that doesn't want to be written in whatever I pick. Each scene'll be whatever POV and tense works best. I might even swap mid-scene if it means not stalling.

Still have to remember I have non-novel writing to do too. Might use the hour break I get for lunch to hand write some drabble stuff.
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You'll have to forgive my inability to explain properly at the moment. My brain is half dead, and the rest of me is getting there.

I've got a smut idea that's been hanging around for a while (I think it first showed up some time last year, maybe even earlier) but I've never been able to write it. Mostly because it's more than a little aggressive, and that just pushes my comfort zone too much.

The basic idea is a human male with a female of a cousin species. The matings within this cousin species are a pretty violent thing, initially a dominance thing, but now I'm thinking there's a physical reaction to the violence that leads to pregnancy. So it starts with fighting, which then triggers the lust, and maybe a responding reaction.

Between two of the cousin species, it shifts fairly quickly or not at all, because both are producing the hormones or whatever. With a human though it's sort of one sided, so the violence is much greater.

In the case of this particular pairing, the violence leads to... well to her putting his eye out. Her aggression has pretty much taken over (it's her first mating, so she has none of the control needed) and she needs him to fight back. It very definitely works. Luckily for him, her lust creates a sort of drug for him, so pleasure overwhelms the pain.

(Oh, and he gets no sympathy ever for the eye. There's a reason they say don't do this ever at all for any reason. Stick your hand in a fire and you're gonna get roasted.)
All in all, not the simplest thing for me.
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I'm supposed to be writing every day, to get a novel finished before the end of February. Between the weather and drama I'm not doing so well at it. It doesn't help that my sleep pattern is messed up all over again.

Normally at this stage I'd be starting to go "Do I really want this anyway?" and similar things. Luckily I'm not. I still like the story, I want to write, it's just that I can't focus. I don't care enough at this moment to fight through a headache and try to work out what I need for the story.

My best chance will be to get a couple of good sleeps and some reasonable weather, neither of which I can control in any way.

Sometimes I really don't like my life.
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Break from writing continues, and for the most part I'm quite enjoying it. Except every so often I get the feeling that I should be writing, without any actual urge to. Which then makes me aware of how much I'm enjoying not writing, in turn making me wonder if I'm okay with that, and what it means for potential future writing.

A couple of times I've thought "I'm not writing, but I'll be back at it in time for NaNoWriMo", and other times I've started to think that and then stopped. Do I really want to do NaNo again? What if I don't want to, but I do because it's tradition? For all I know doing NaNo could set me on a downward spiral again.

On the other hand, maybe what I need is just a break. I finished a novel draft, it was wonderful and horrible in so many ways, and maybe this is just me taking time out to recover from that. In which case maybe I could just write for NaNo and the aftermath, and then go on hiatus until NaNo comes around again. It'd be easy enough to spend the time in between working on story ideas, plotting and testing them until I'm sure they'll handle a NaNo.

Meanwhile there's still the part of me that can only think of how horrible writing makes me feel, and wants to never go through that again.


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