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It was another less than half day of class and then I stayed around to help out again. Not sure if we'll be doing any more computer work. Fairly sure we'll have more half days before it's all over.

Got a bit over a page of writing done in class this morning, and another page this evening. Would've been happier with more, but two pages is still good. Particularly when it gets me over the 5k mark. Though at this rate I'll finish the season with a very short novel or an incomplete one. Neither of which is what I want.
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I've been getting slack with my other fics. The ideas are there - some I've started writing and not finished, others I have plotted or partially plotted - I just... keep finding other things to do. Which currently includes working on my novel length story. Of which you shall now get the opening snippet so I don't have to think of something else to post. (The problem with this whole daily posting thing is that some days all I want to post is "Didn't die. Good day.")

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A random thing I wrote. Not quite sure what prompted it, but I'm glad it did. I'll work on it more if I can figure out what the zombie wants. Other than tea. I don't think he's a fan of coffee.

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For the first time in days I'm awake at 9pm, and for the first time in a lot longer it's not because I only woke up a few hours ago. In fact I woke sometime after 3am (it was a rough morning, I'm not sure when I woke up, was awake, or got up, only that I was functional by 5am) and have been awake since then. (When I've been tracking it longer I'll share with you my horrible sleep pattern.)

Which is possibly how I came to be spending the evening working on a plot for a RPF based on a friend. As in someone I actually know and talk to, who will be reading it when I'm done and hopefully sharing how amused/offended/traumatised she is by it. There will be zombies, and smut. (Though the two will be separate. Zombie smut is reserved for completely fictional characters.)
(I should note, she started it.)

I really shouldn't be allowed to have ideas when I'm tired. Or ever.

My brain is not a safe place. *shifty look*
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A random snippet that may or may not work into the novel I start work on in March.

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I'm posting this and then I'm going to bed.

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