Feb. 21st, 2011 08:47 pm
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So, the other day I attempted to watch Twilight (it had been on tv, so I recorded it) and... well I spent about 10 minutes on the attempt, and got through half the movie. I tried, I really did. I'm just not capable of sitting through nonsensical teenage wangst.

Then I mentioned to a friend that what bugged me about the stories was how they had potential and it was butchered. Said friend proceeded to encourage my brain and now I'm poking at the idea (not for the first time mind you) of fixing it.

I want to try to keep at least the key elements of the stories, minus the wangst and drama. Which is going to involve a lot of hunting down of summaries and such, because there's really no way I'm going to make any more attempts at getting through the stories on my own.

Anyway, changing the character names to Beatrice and Melvin, and calling it Twilark for the time being. Oh, and making Melvin not actually a vampire, though I'll try to keep every detail the same. Because I am not having sparkling vampires, but the sparkles themselves are kinda funny.

It'll probably be a not-Earth too, just coz.

In other news, today was too hot and I wrote a little this morning but not enough.
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For the first time in days I'm awake at 9pm, and for the first time in a lot longer it's not because I only woke up a few hours ago. In fact I woke sometime after 3am (it was a rough morning, I'm not sure when I woke up, was awake, or got up, only that I was functional by 5am) and have been awake since then. (When I've been tracking it longer I'll share with you my horrible sleep pattern.)

Which is possibly how I came to be spending the evening working on a plot for a RPF based on a friend. As in someone I actually know and talk to, who will be reading it when I'm done and hopefully sharing how amused/offended/traumatised she is by it. There will be zombies, and smut. (Though the two will be separate. Zombie smut is reserved for completely fictional characters.)
(I should note, she started it.)

I really shouldn't be allowed to have ideas when I'm tired. Or ever.

My brain is not a safe place. *shifty look*


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